Day: August 4, 2004


Part of settling down for a new (old?) life here in Floyd County means letting go. Step one ran today on Capitol Hill Blue, a web site I started on a whim back in 1994.

Writing a final column means giving up one thing to start another. Maybe it also means I will have more time to write here. That could be good news or bad news, depending on your point of view.

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Had to run down to Roanoke last night for some printer ink cartridge and decided, just on a whim, to drive back via Rocky Mount and State Highway 40.

Hadn’t been in Rocky Mount for about 40 years and was surprised by the vibrancy of downtown. Unlike some towns in Southwestern Virginia (Pulaski and Radford being two good examples) downtown Rocky Mount is not dominated by empty storefronts.

The 30-mile drive along the twisty Route 40 was both pleasant and lonely. Didn’t encounter a single car or truck on the way.

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Face From The Past

Another blast from the past wandered into the studio today. Actually, she came by to pick up a photo I donated to a church auction. I hadn’t seen Connie Harris since graduating from high school in 1965 but recognized her the second she walked in the door.

That doesn’t happen often. On too many days, I walk right past people I grew up with and don’t recognize them. Most of us have changed too much. But Connie hadn’t changed that much.

Yes, it had been a long time. Our 40th high school reunion is just a year away.

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