Day: August 17, 2004

Morning in America…

Takes 30-45 minutes to make the 19-mile trek from home to the studio — a pleasant drive on the winding Virginia Rte. 758 (Buffalo Mountain Road) and then U.S. 221 for the final 15 miles into Floyd.

XM radio provides musical backdrops on most days, usually Bluegrass or folk. For a mere $9.95 a month, XM provides commercial-free music channels to please just about any taste. No interrruptions for news, ads or traffic reports. What are they going to say? There’s a backup of three cars behind a farm tractor and combine two miles north of Willis on 221?

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Whither FloydFest?

FloydFest is over and Kris and Erica, the organizers, tell the media it was a success with about 6,000 attendees.

We hope it was a success and, if it was, then the organizers and volunteers who make FloydFest a reality deserve a major league pat on the back. Once the party is over, though, FloydFest needs to face some major truths about itself. It needs to make the transition from eclectic and eccentric musical event to a serious organization that shows signs of organization and an ability to meet its obligations.

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