Day: October 9, 2004

Admitting defeat…

OK. We had to admit defeat and put the Realtor off another couple of days. Too much stuff, too far behind and too tired.

How in the hell can two people accumulate this much junk in 23 years?

Forget it. We know how.

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As you bike it

101004jogginjam.jpgOnly in the National Capital Region, where gridlock is a daily way of life, would you also have traffic jams on the bike paths.

This photo comes from a typical morning on the bike trail that runs along George Washington Parkway and the Potomac River in Northern Virginia. Joggers, walkers and bicylists fight for their piece of space.

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The never ending story…

The moving saga continues…and continues…and continues. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever end.

The routine has become mind-numbing. Go to U-Haul. Buy boxes and strapping tape. Raid dumpsters at nearby stip shopping malls for more boxes. Go back to the condo. Pack. Load boxes into Liberty. Take to storage unit. Go back home. Load more boxes. Go back to storage unit. Run out of boxes. Go back to U-Haul.

The Realtor will be here in 28 hours. Will we be ready?

Stay tuned.

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