Day: October 24, 2004

Wish I was there

102404mountainmorning.jpgFall of last year in Floyd County near the Blue Ridge Parkway. The kind of mountain morning photo that I need to bring back memories of the Blue Ridge while I’m stuck here in Northern Virginia for the move from hell.

This is the time of year when I should be in the mountains shooting, not in a city packing and moving boxes.

Nobody said life was fair and it sure ain’t.

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Missing the mountains

Week six of the house sale hostage crisis and we’re still in Arlington, trying to get the condo from hell ready for sale.

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Flat tire and chance encounter

102404cowboy.jpgSummer, 1974. Driving along a winding dirt road in the Western Slope of Colorado when a tire blew on my rental car.

As I replaced the blown tire, rancher John Wilson rode up, cradling a shotgun in his arms.

“Did you know you’re on my land?”

“Isn’t this a public road?”

“No, it ain’t. You’re trespassing.”

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