Day: October 28, 2004


buffmtn.jpgAt first glance, the skeptic in all of us would say this shot of the back side Buffalo Mountain in Floyd County, Virginia, has been Photoshopped.

It hasn’t.

On a cloudy day when the clouds dropped right down to the top of the mountain, the morning light provided the right balance for saturated colors. I shot the image on a Nikon D1H at 200 ISO with the white balance set on tungsten which provided more saturation but that was it.

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I’m writing this from a nearby coffee shop because we’ve been chased out of the condo for the seventh time today so a Realtor can show it to a prospective buyers. At this rate, we may qualify as a Washington tourist attraction before the week is out.

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No joy in Mudville

Doom and gloom permeates the Thompson household this morning. Doom and gloom hell. Just call it outright despair after the St. Louis Cardinals found themselves swept right out of the World Series, losing four straight games.

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