Day: November 1, 2004


110104twilight.jpgNot quite light. Not quite dark. That nether time of the day when darkness is about to assume control.

Time to reflect on the day almost over and bask in the beauty that surrounds you.

On some days, I slip the Jeep into four-wheel-drive and head for the top of the highest mountain I can find, arriving in time to capture that special time of day.


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Back in them thar hills

Made it back to the mountains Sunday despite a tractor-trailer accident that blocked I-66 West and the usual gaggle of trucks and slowdowns on I-81.

The leaves are just turning in Northern Virginia but they are gone in Floyd County. Missed the fall colors entirely. Maybe next year.

Got a week in civilization and sanity before returning to Northern Virginia for the last round of packing and moving, then back to the mountains for Thanksgiving and back to Arlington one last time for closing on sale of the condo.

Good to be home.

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