Day: November 12, 2004

Yeah, we’re a little behind…

Caught a cold while photographing the Floyd-Giles football game a week ago and now bronchitis has set in.

Hard to think coherently while coughing and wheezing and viewing the world through the fog of antihistimines.

Hopefully, it will clear up in a few days.


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Moving day…

The movers arrive this morning and the furniture heads out the door, following the boxes upon boxes that we have already packed and moved to the storage unit.

By noon, our home for the past 23 years should be almost empty, save for some odds and ends that must still be packed or thrown away.

With luck, we will have the Liberty packed with essentials and two cats and headed West on I-66 by late afternoon, back to mountains, far away from the bustle of the city.

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