Day: November 30, 2004

Walking away…

In the end, we just walked away from many remnants of our past.

After too many weeks of sorting, deciding what should be saved and what should not and then filling up three storage rooms, we finally threw up our hands and decided what remained was expendable and left it for charity or the trash bin. Our physical and mental exhaustion prevented any chance of making any more decisions.

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After nearly 24 years at the same address in Arlington, Amy and I are homeless. Well, not exactly. We do have places to live but our primary residence is no more. We closed on sale of the condo this morning and left Arlington as visitors, not residents.

Our homeless condition lasts until Friday morning when we close on the home in Floyd.

Then we have to schedule a time to head back north and empty the three storage rooms that hold our belongings from the time in Arlington.

Or maybe, just maybe, I can convince Amy to let me hire a mover and leave the hassle to the pros.

I can dream.

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