Day: December 4, 2004

Ups and downs

The delivery guys from Lowes took a look at the angular land surrounding our house and scratched thier heads.

“Anything flat here?”

“Only the spot where you’re parked.”

The driver had negotiated up the long driveway leading to the house, managed to back the truck up to the entrance to the garage only to emerge from the cab and wonder how in the hell he and his helper would manage to get our new washer and dryer into the mud room that leads off the garage.

“Ain’t got a lot of room there.”

“Well, you could try coming in the back through the porch.”

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Homeless no longer….

Our four-day stint of homelessness is over. We closed on purchase of our new home outside of Floyd at 10 a.m. today.

As closings go, this was one of the quickest and most plainless of our too-many transactions of either buying or selling a home. We were in and out of attorney Helen Spence’s office in 30 minutes.

We stopped for a late breakfast at Waffle House, paid our personal property taxes at the Floyd County Courthouse and then drove to our new home.

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