Day: January 2, 2005

The beckoning

Sun through the trees again this morning and projected temperatures in the 50s.

This is winter?

Such weather draws me towards the yard and the garage, both which need attention, but this time of year draws the other occupant of our house towards furniture stores and shopping malls with their New Year’s sales and other confidence schemes destined to empty our bank accounts.

The relaxation of the holiday comes to an end tonight. Monday is catchup day at the studio and I head for Washington on Tuesday for a day of photography surrounding the swearing in of a new Congress.

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10205bird.jpgCatching a bird in full flight with a camera is a combination of timing, fast focus and a lot of luck. Modern, high-speed auto-focusing lenses make the task somewhat easier but it still comes down to being at the right place at the right time and being lucky.

Saturday’s warmer than normal weather gave me a chance to capture this shot not far from our home in Floyd County, Virginia.

Nice way to start the new year.

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