Day: January 25, 2005

Moon wars, part deux

Damn that Fred First. I stand out in the cold last night and shoot my moon pix and find out this morning he has done the same. This ain’t fair. The moon is my territory. I’ve taken almost as many moon photos as I have of naked women. Now this upstart comes along (probably using a lens I sold him) and starts taking moon shots and posting them on his Fragments from Floyd web site.

To make matters worse, his shots are good ones. This, of course, means war. Goose Creek is about to run red with Firstian blood.

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Winter moon

012505moon2.jpgPerhaps it should be a crime for someone to see views like this while driving home from work but the view of the moon (above) as I drove along Harvestwood Road north of Floyd Monday night was breathtaking.

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