Day: January 26, 2005

Whither the Muse?

What am I going to do with this blog? I started it as a place for writings and photography about life in the Blue Ridge but find that most of that goes into one of my other blogs at DougThompson.Com.

Between that blog, American Newsreel and Capitol Hill Blue, I find myself running out of time on any given day.

I’m weighing some options: Merging Muse with, trying to devote more time to it or dropping it.

Not sure yet what to do.

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One more moon shot

Sorry, couldn’t resist another moon photo. The full moon rising over the landscape in Floyd County last night was just too beautiful to ignore.

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The great generator chase

When we bought our home in Floyd County on December 3, we immediately ordered a generator to provide power during the electrical outages that can hit the area during the winter months.

We chose one of Generac’s new Guardian models — a 15-klilowatt monster that starts automatically when the power fails, will power 12 circuits in the home and can run up to 36 hours off a 100-gallon tank of LP gas. When we placed the order at Lowes, the estimated arrival time was two weeks.

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