Day: February 11, 2005

Rumour central

According to one of the rumours floating around Floyd County, I came home to die.

That’s the story a friend passed on to a member of my family. Someone, they said, told them they had heard from someone else that I had terminal cancer and returned to Floyd County to live out my remaining days.

While I intend to die in Floyd County, I hope it won’t be for a number of years in the future and, according to my doctor, the only health problems I have can be corrected by losing a little weight and getting back in shape.

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We have the power

It sits quietly behind the house, monitoring our incoming electrical power and always ready to do its job.

If the power goes off, it waits 20 seconds to see if the interruption is a momentary glitch or a full-fledged outage, then starts up. Ten seconds later, it disconnects the house’s power from American Electric Power and restores power to most of the circuits in our home.

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