Day: February 23, 2005

Moon shine

Floyd County was once known as the Moonshine capital of Southwestern Virginia. It still is but for a different kind of shine.

With clouds, snow and sleet headed our way, this may be the last chance for good shots of this month’s moon, which is at 99 percent now and should be full tonight.

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Ask not where the moon shines. It shines on thee home

Or we could just call it “Moon Over House.” One of the advantages of having a house on top of a fairly large hill is that when the moon does finally appear over the back, the sky is dark and the light is good. I do have to go to the top of the next hill over and use some long glass to bring the moon in close but the end result is worth it.

Of course, the floods we have illuminating the front of our house helps. The moon provided the rest.

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