Day: June 23, 2005

The Wall

I’m setting up a video section of Blue Ridge Muse and reformatting both our current and older video work into the new Macromedia Flash Streaming

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Summer Fun

Thinking about the poor turnout at this past weekend’s Spring Into Summer festival in Floyd, I remembered this video shot in 2002 at DeutschFest, a summer festival in Amy’s hometown of Belleville, Illinois. They close off the streets in the downtown for a weekend and have a lot of fun with games, music and (since this is a town founded by Germans) beer. They also have crowds.

Gotta wonder what we need to do next year to make Spring Into Summer more of a crowd pleaser for Floyd.

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Sorry, couldn’t resist

One more full moon shot before it starts waning into history for the month of June. I could say something poetic about the Moon in June but, hell, I’m not poetic. I’m just a photogapher.

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