Day: July 15, 2005

Speaking Out

071505crowd1.jpg 071505crowd2.jpgOK, I guess we can milk the Governor Mark Warner visit to Floyd for one more day by showing some of those who grilled the guv with questions about poor conditions in the county nursing home, lousy roads, pedophiles on the loose and the invasion of chain stores (among other things).

Unlike the highly-staged "town meetings" of President George W. Bush, Warner’s questions were not scripted puff pieces from plants in the audience.

People wanted to know what the guv would do about things that bother them (and the county nursing home seemed to bother the most).

Yes, it was a photo op and like most photo ops it had a show biz feel to the whole thing but it also gave some plain folk a chance to speak their mind and if there is one thing we know about folks around here, they don’t have any trouble doing just that. 071505crowd3.jpg