Day: August 15, 2005

Lady Sings the Blues

sallywalkerstill.jpg Sally Walker, aka Little Diva, belts it out on the stage of Oak Grove Pavilion Saturday night. I never tire of hearing this lady sing and sing she can. Her band, Little Diva and the G Strings, turned in an outstanding performance. Click here for the video.

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Getting to the Seat of the Problem

About half of the 43,000 miles on my 2000 Jeep Wrangler have been off-road, bouncing over rocks, logs and ruts or blasting through creeks and mudholes. Such pounding takes its toll on various components, including the driver’s seat which had multiple tears in the fabric.

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Another Musical Weekend

I don’t know if Sally and Frank Walker are making any money with their Cafe del Sol coffee shop. If not, that’s a shame because the place is becoming quite a hangout for coffee drinkers during the week and musical buffs on Friday night.

We dropped by this past Friday to hear Bernie Coveney, Abe Goorskey and Chris Luster (above) provide an eclectic mix of music — something for just about every taste from jazz to Irish to country to bluegrass to blues.

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This Dog Does Hunt

It moved in the grass, an obvious violation of the canine law of nature so Chewy went into full doggy hunt mode, watching and waiting for her chance to pounce.

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