Day: September 27, 2005

Busy Day

Gonna be a busy one. Got to get Fred and Fragments from Floyd back online before he goes into blog withdrawal. The Floyd County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s mess, which we thought the Supreme Court settled 10 days ago, is heating up again because Gordon Hannett is a sore loser and I have a backlog of print orders at the studio.

As Amy is prone to ask: Just when does this retirement and relaxation thing kick in?

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Long Day

Day started early with an email from Fred First (Fragments From Floyd). He ran into trouble when trying to access his blog. Since I host the blog, his problem became mine.

Turned out a hacker got into Fred’s blog and deleted it late Sunday night. When a blog the size of Fragments goes down a lot of rebuilding is in order and I spent a good part of the day creating a new one so we can port information over to it later this week.

Needless to say, security will be beefed up as well.

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