Day: October 25, 2005

Chilling Out

Meteorologically, winter doesn’t arrive for another two months.

Tell that to the thermometer that read 30 degrees this morning or the frozen leaves that crunched under my feet this morning. Even the dog, a mix of Chow and something else that is supposed to love cold weather, looked out the open door of the porch and then back up at me as if to say: “You expect me to go out on a cold morning like this?”

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Excuse Me, What Happened to Fall?

Seems we moved straight from summer into winter with only a brief stop at fall. Temepratures predicted to fall below freezing tonight and, yes, that was spitting snow that fell on our SUV as we drove back up Francy Gap Mountain from North Carolina this afternoon.

Did anyone get a chance to wave at fall as it breezed by?

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