Day: December 24, 2005

‘Twas the day before Christmas

‘Twas the day before Christmas and all through the house, everybody was stirring – including the mice.

Yuletide is, without a doubt, the most hectic of holidays. You scurry here and there, buying presents, gathering decorations, buying food for the traditional dinner and wondering why, once again, you didn’t get Christmas cards in the mail.

Christmas this year was complicated by the ice storm that wouldn’t die. Two straight days of temperatures above 40 degrees have finally started to dent the sheet of solid ice that coats our driveway but Greenbriar Lane remains slick and treacherous as do many county roads. We ventured over to Goose Creek last night for Fred and Ann First’s annual holiday bash and found his road still ice covered, providing a luge-like ride down the narrow dirt road that leads to Castle First.

The St. Lawrences, who moved from Charlottesville to Floyd County last week to find their home not ready for human habitation, reside in our guest bedroom along with two cats that disturb The Force in our four cats’ lives, giving David a chance to comment on feline corporate hierarchy in his popular blog.

Tomorrow, my mother joins us for Christmas dinner and the opening of presents. But I remember a time before Christmas 52 years ago when she, in an attempt to be modern and honest, told me the truth about Santa Claus, a piece of vital information that I could not wait to share with my classmates at Floyd Elementary School. Several broke into tears and Mrs. Houchins, my teacher, promptly dispatched me to the principal’s office where I got a lecture and three days detention, It was my first lesson that telling the truth can get you into trouble, a lesson repeated many times over during my journalism career.

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