Day: January 15, 2006

Waiting and wondering

011506wind.jpgThe wind howled through the night. Our wind meter shows a peak of 81.7 mph shortly after 2 a.m. With daylight approaching, we wait in nervous anticipation to view the carnage that may face us outside. Did our shingles survive? I know at least one shutter was loosened by the wind while branches and debris litter the landscape.

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Confessions of a technoholic

Hello, my name is Doug and I’m a technoholic. It’s been oh, about two days since I purchased my last techno-toy.

Yeah, I admit it. I’m a technoholic. I always have to have the latest and greatest technology both for my profession and personal life.

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And they call the wind…damned irritating

The wind howled today. It roared up our hillside like a deranged Norse god, spitting, snarling and hissing at the world, screaming through the trees at speeds of 60 mph and more (our wind dial peaked at 74 mph in late afternoon).

Limbs, stripped of their moorings, rattled against our house like Huns storming the castle. Whitecaps appeared in our hot tub and I wondered at one point if the whirling water would spark a tsunami to flood our back porch.

According to the talking heads this hurricane wannabe will be with us until 6 a.m. Sunday.

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