Day: June 6, 2006

Day of The Beast

June 6 – D-Day for most Americans, anniversary of the launch of the massive assault on the beaches of Normandy that changed the course of World War II.

But June 6 is a personal D-Day for me – an anniversary I mark each year because it means another year of successful standoff with The Beast called alcoholism.

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Crossing the line

As a photographer, I knew Bob Shell by reputation. He wrote technical articles for Shutterbug magazine. Then whispers began circulating within the photographic community that the highly-respected expert had moved into the netherworld of “glamour photography.”

Glamour photography rides the border between art and pornography, between erotic and graphic, between glamour and exploitation. Too often it crosses the line and preys on young women whose ambition leads them to do things they shouldn’t in front of a camera.

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