Day: June 16, 2006

Why is it?

061706music.jpg Why is ismusicians cannot make a living in a musical-heritage-rich community like Floyd? A big part of life here is music but every musician I know is struggling.

Floyd’s famous Friday Night Jamboree doesn’t pay its acts (although musicians do get a small stipend that doesn’t even cover gas).

That means Jamboree stalwarts like Clyde Williams (above left) do it for fun and not much else.

At most music venues, musicians pass the hat and are lucky is they make $100 total for the night.

That ain’t much, even by Floyd County standards. Bluesman Scott Perry probably promotes himself as much as anyone in this county and he says he survives only because he also gives lessons at The Pickin’ Porch. It’s something I’m working on for a story, probably for The Floyd Press, perhaps for a larger audience. Music is so much of the tradition of this area yet musicians are, by and large, treated like second-class citizens. It’s not right.

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