Day: June 27, 2006


The email arrived at The Floyd Press offices last week.

Would you please pass this email onto Doug? I think we were high school buddies and I would like to correspond with him if he is the same Doug Thompson. He should be in his late 50s and when in high school drove a 57 Ford.

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Driveway, thy name is mud

We’ve lost the battle of the driveway at Chateau Thompson. Foot-deep gullies cris-cross the lower part and too much of our rock now resides in the ravine off one side.

The hard rains of this Spring and Summer were too much for the slurry mix that stood up so well last year. An extra coating we added in May is all but washed away.

We will need time to work on the driveway but with rain in the forecast today that time will have to wait.

Good thing we own Jeeps.

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