Day: July 8, 2006

Another great Floyd Friday night

070806music1.jpg 070806music2.jpgGeorgia Reynard, an old friend from college (hers) dropped by Friday for a visit to the gallery and a tour of Floyd’s music row. Georgia works at one of those politically-connected law firms in Richmond that surround the state capital like crabgrass.

After the standard tour of the Jacksonville Center, we hit Sally Walker’s Cafe del Sol for some coffee and John Winnike’s brand of easy listening jazz, then wandered up Locust Street and into the crowd outside the Country Store for the Friday Night Jamboree.

The setting sun provided great light and I quickly ran through a 2 gigabyte compact flash card on my Canon EOS-1Ds.

Further up the street, Rob Neukirch hosted Irish Night to a full house of diners at his Oddfellas Cantina.

"This is incredible," Georgia said. It was. It always is. A unseasonably cool, but still pleasant, July night with great music and an ambiance you just won’t find anywhere else. 070806music3.jpg