Day: January 16, 2007

Changing the face of Floyd

011607countrystore.jpg 011607crenshaw.jpgWoody Crenshaw (left) owner of Crenshaw Lighting and the Country Store is probably doing more than anyone else to single-handedly change the face of Floyd.

This can be good or bad, depending on who you talk to, but no one can say Crenshaw is not willing to invest in the town’s future.

The Country Store (above) closed for the month of January so workmen could gut the interior and connect the old front part of the store with the addition constructed last year.

The revamped store will feature more room for patrons of the Friday Nite Jamboree, a larger dance floor, a new stage with built in lighting and a "green room" for musicians along with an improved sound system.

Crenshaw is also putting in an old-fashioned soda fountain and lunch counter that will be open during the week and a store to sell to music CDs and videos.

The country store reopens with the Friday Nite Jamboree on Feb. 2 and Crenshaw will turn his attention to the building across the street that housed the now-closed Mama Lazzardos restaurant and Whiskey’s Roadhouse nightspot.

He plans to remodel the restaurant and reopen it as a "family steakhouse" and renovate the second floor into apartments.

And there’s the Village Green, a partnership between Crenshaw and other investors, which will feature office, food and retail space in the old Farmers’ Grocery building on Main Street.

Tom Ryan, who is undergoing some changes himself as the land and buildings where The Harvest Moon is located goes to new owners and he heads for another adventure, may have put it best, suggesting that Crenshaw’s next purchase could be the county courthouse.

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