Day: February 22, 2007

Better than a soap opera

This showed up in the email today from Tom Ryan, the on-again, off-again owner of Over the Moon.

Back On The Market!

Ever dreamed of semi-retirement, a life of leisure, expensive vacations in Europe, long weekends & making money hand over fist? Me too, but then I decided to open a cafe.

As of February 19th, Over The Moon Cafe is back on the market & available to the ‘right’ person….

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The roll continues

The Floyd County High School girls varsity basketball team is now 24-0 thanks to a 84-46 drubbing of Parry McCluer in the Region C semifinals in Pulaski Wednesday night.

For a while in the first half, it didn’t look good but, as Roanoke Times writer Randy King notes, a tsunami roared through the Pulaski gym and drowned the team from Parry McCluer.

“Told my girls we probably lost to the state champs,” PM coach John Armstrong said after the game.

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As a journalist, I’m skeptical of everything and everyone. That habit does not always carry over into my personal life or in my business dealings with people.

I tend to trust people in personal and business situations and that tendency has a habit of coming back to bite me in the ass.

Case in point: A longtime client in Northern Virginia, someone I’ve done business with for some 20 years, recently paid an overdue bill with a bum check. We’re talking a large one with five numbers in front of the decimal point. It came back marked “contact issuer.”

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