Day: March 16, 2007

Revisiting a photographer’s work

"Clarence" Photograph Copyright Jennifer Trausch
Photo courtesy of Andrew Long at The Daily F’log

Last year, we wrote about a visit to the Friday Nite Jamboree by New York photographer Jennifer Trausch and the mammoth 20 x 24 Polaroid Camera.

Jennifer and her assistant, Kim Venable (below) had loaded the giant camera into a truck and were touring the South shooting photos of small towns and rural life.

Her work is profiled on The Daily F’log, a fotoblog by Andrew Long. Raul Gutierrez interviews Jennifer and they talk about her experiences on the road with the 235-lb camera.

It’s a good read. I wasn’t familiar with Andrew’s blog until he contacted me about using a photo from our story on Jennifer’s visit. I’ll be sure to check it out more in the future. 090106camera4.jpg

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