Day: December 15, 2007

Winning game faces

After an unusually slow 0-2 start, Floyd County High School’s championship caliber varsity girls’ basketball team is back on track, rolling over opponents and, hopefully, on their way to another appearance at the state finals in Richmond. With the return of high scoring Lindsey Thompson (left), back from knee surgery and already sporting a band-aid from the rough and tumble play that marks FCHS girls’ basketball, and veteran players like Molly Brown (above) and Britney Avancini (below), the Lady Buffs avenged an early season loss against Christiansburg earlier this week by beating the Blue Demons on their home court 58-53.

If you haven’t come out to see the Lady Buffs play, you should. They storm the court with fast, agressive action, wearing down opponents with a opressive pace and a full-court press that is the trademark of coach Alan Cantrell.

They play raw, in-your-face, tough basketball — a style that has sent them to the state finals for the past two years.

They never let up. It’s full-court, full-pressure, full-time basketball.

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Twenty Eight

Yes, it has been 28 years since we stood in the living room of our pastor in Alton, Illinois, and took the vows that both of us swore we would never take again. As victims of failed first marriages we hesitated at taking the plunge again.

The odds looked bad — an unrepentant womanizer marrying an actress. Friends feared it wouldn’t last. Enemies hoped it wouldn’t last. The betting pool that someone formed stopped at three years: Nobody gave it longer than that.

But it lasted, surviving a career that required me to spend most of our marriage on planes and away from you on too many anniversarys. It lasted through my alcoholism and it was your love and support that helped me face the demon 13 years, six months and 19 days ago to take that first step to sobriety.

Happy anniversary my love. We’d made it to 28 years. Who’d a thunk it?

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