Day: July 16, 2014

Clinger’s restaurant overcharged customers

A story of mine posted Wednesday morning on The Floyd Press web site — and scheduled to appear in Thursday’s paper — details how the Pizza Inn restaurant owned by Board of Supervisor Chairman Case Clinger routinely and incorrectly overcharged customers for at least a year with sales taxes almost double the legal amount. This

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No hope left for Ryan’s in Christiansburg

Fans of Ryan’s buffet restaurant at New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg will have to look elsewhere to eat. The longtime and popular eatery closed without warning Sunday night and trucks began moving the interior equipment to a new location in West Virginia. In conflicting stories, the company that owns Ryan’s claims the lease was

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Living life one terabyte at a time

The LaCie six terabyte hard disk drive that now sits among the array of hard drives with my Mac Pro brings the total storage space of my photo and video system to 37 terabytes. Thirty-seven what? Terabytes.  A terabyte is 1,000 gigabytes and a gigabtye is 1,000 megabytes.  Doesn’t seem that long ago when buying

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